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Eyewear is not just a professional accessory that can adjust eyesight, but is also undeniably a fashion decoration as well as a symbol of status and taste. In accordance with the busy, volatile nature of modern life, every bit of our time becomes increasingly precious; the same is our demand of eyewear requiring frequent adjustment. As a result, a market demand for diverse, simple, stylish as well as safe eyewear is emerging!

The motivation behind building the brand CHANGE is to satisfy those who prefer various styles as well as those who demand multi-functions at the same time. From the moment you wake up in the morning until the time you go to sleep, all you need is just a simple frame with the “hidden clip-on” which will fit lenses of various functions, then your eyes can easily meet the challenges of ray activity and capricious weather(both in-doors and out-doors)in daily life and feel no burden.

A pair of Change Eyewear is equivalent to many pairs of eyewear.
A pair of “hidden clip-on” functional eyewear with a professional light fashion style will suffice.

Vision of Our Brand Founder

After having weathered the ups and downs of Taiwan eyewear market for more than 20 years, Rina Chou – founder of the brand CHANGE EYEWEAR, based on her appreciation of consumer’s need and insight of market trends, uses innovative designs and combined materials to create a safe, comfortable and stylish “hidden clip-on” functional eyewear, i.e. CHANGE EYEWEAR.

Since 2003,”acetate frame”has swept the Taiwan glasses market with its advantages of low price and flexible styles. However, despite its dominance of market, its heavy weight and easy-bending nature have much contributed to the aggravating nearsightedness and other eye-related problems among school children. As a mother, she is fully aware of that, during their up-growing stage, her child and other Taiwanese children of similar age have become nearsighted since early age, and they need several glasses of different functions to cope with ever-changing environment to protect their eyes and enjoy the beauty of life. For this reason, Rina especially introduce high-tech material TR90 and lens-making technology from South Korea into Taiwan. The lightness, high stability, not broken easily and special lens-making technology of her brand, all win over the trust of consumers successfully and replace acetate frame completely. It also makes it possible that more consumers have access to a safe, fashionable and colorful eyewear of the people with affordable price.

Intended for the narrow-front-wide-back head shape of Asians, as well as the need to meet various challenges of changing light, a perfect combination design is created which adopts the safe TR90 as lens, the high ductile ULTEM Resin as glasses temple, and the advanced anti-scratch coating technology, in addition to patents of”integrated molding hidden clip-on”and “integrated molding anti-radiation curved brim”.This makes the clip-on eyewear not only safer and more comfortable but also with more color and style possibilities. It totally alters the awkward image of clip-on eyewear into a practical and fashionable one. It is not exaggerated to say that this is a revolution as well as a great leap-forward in eyewear market.

Rina is an eyewear designer as well as an entrepreneur with a sense of vocation. She tries to satisfy consumer’s needs as possibly as she takes care of her own child. Taking safety and comfortability as the starting point, she insists to design an eyewear with a fashionable style and a reasonable price which is affordable to everyone, that is CHANGE eyewear. She is convinced that “making consumers to find the splendor in life again through eyewear”is the one and only mission which she has always been dedicated to.

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