Patented Clip-On

CHANGE’s patented technology of integrated molding “hidden clip-on” can firmly stick clip-on and frame together. Whether you are running, jumping, walking, taking exercises or participating in various outdoor activities, it will not be so easy to fall apart or break.

CHANGE’s patent of integrated molding”hidden clip-on”is registered in Taiwan, Germany, China and Hongkong. It adopts the patented design of magnetism and brim press button. To achieve the perfection and precision of eyewear feature, all products of our line-up are manufactured in separate and integrated mold which makes the clip-on and main frame seamlessly attached. It looks perfect from every angle and is difficult to discern it is eyewear with clip-on.

The latest exclusive patent of”anti-radiation curved brim”precisely sticks clip-on and frame firmly together, which keeps lens from the interference of reflection completely when light beams from above. And it makes your life easier by enjoying the convenience which a pair of CHANGE eyewear is intended for. The eyewear curve of all products of our line-up is unique, due to a designed angle to fit Asian face perfectly. Patent No.:M523872.

There are lenses of more than 20 different colors available for”hidden clip-on”to match and, depending on the activities and situations you are involved in, you can choose anti-UV polarized lenses, colorful mirror coating lenses, fashionable gradient lenses, Essilos blue light filtering lenses and anti-glare night driving lenses to enjoy the convenience which a pair of CHANGE eyewear is intended for.