Lens Options

“Hidden clip-on” with lenses of different functions can help you easily ward off the harmful lights in your life!

Blue Light

3C products such as tablet, computer display and the screen of smartphone use LED as their background lighting. LED light can produce high energy blue light which is damaging to retina. Misuse of 3C products can lead to macular degeneration. The damage caused by blue light is long-term and has an accumulative effect.


The amount of UV is determined by geographical location and sunshine duration, either a single high dose UV exposure or multiple low doses of UV exposure over a long period of time will cause damage to eyes. Our crystalline lenses absorb most UV to prevent its damage to retina. If retina is damaged by UV, this will lead to eye diseases such as cataract and macular degeneration.


Reflected glare, or usually known as reflection, becomes a problem especially when you are driving, playing golf, skiing or taking water sports on seaside in extreme sunlight. It can cause image blurring, eye strain, reading difficulty or even eye sore and headache.

“Hidden clip-on” is conveniently interchangeable to adapt to different lights and can effectively protect your eyes!

To protect your eyes in the situation of different sources of light, whether indoors or outdoors, day or night, we provide anti-UV polarized lenses, colorful mirror coating lenses, fashionable gradient lenses, Essilos blue light filtering lenses and anti-glare night driving lenses for you to choose from at will.

Blue Light Filtering Clip-on

Change Eyewear adopts Essilos Crizal Sapphire 360˚UV E-SPF blue light filtering lens, Essilos is the largest lens manufacturer in the world. This lens is scratch-resistance, anti-smudge, water-repellent, and has a patented technology of double-sided UV protection. In addition, through the A4 coating technology, it can effectively protect eyes against macular degeneration caused by blue light, has the lowest color polarization performance on the market and is very suitable for you when viewing computer or smartphone. To learn more about Essilos Crizal Sapphire 360˚UV E-SPF blue light filtering lens, please go to Essilos’s website.

Night Driving

Intended for night driving, the anti-glare lenses can effectively reduce the dazzling headlights of the coming cars or glare from surrounding environment, improve the sharpness of your vision and strengthen your eyesight in a low light or dark environment.

Polarized Sun Lenses Clip-on

CHANGE EYEWEAR’s polarized sun lens is certified by Sunglass Inspection Lab of Electronics Testing Center, Taiwan as qualified and has the anti-glare function with which only high- performance sun lens will be equipped. Polarized lens can filter intense reflected light from the environment, completely eliminate distracting reflections in day to day life, has the feature of anti-UV and is able to protect eye health thoroughly. It is best suited to activities such as playing golf, skiing, mountain climbing, fishing and water sports.

Mirror Coating Lenses Clip-on

Through coating technology, mirror coating lenses can be coated with different colors and reflect the view in front of you like a mirror, which creates the avant-garde touch of urbanity. There are several dozens of colors available in CHANGE EYEWEAR’s line-up for our customers to choose from. Our mirror coating lenses are certified by`Sunglass Inspection Lab'of Electronics Testing Center, Taiwan as qualified, genuinely have the function of UV protection and are suitable for outdoor activities.

Gradient Lenses

Gradient lens adopts the vacuum depositing technique to tint the backside of lens and stick an extra-thin oxide layer on it to make lens creating a smooth gradient from dark to light. It can conveniently make you look stylish if you use an eyewear with it!

Presbyopic Lens

Many People over the age of 40 can’t adapt to Progressive lenses, which is a bit inconvenient for life. CHANGE specially built the presbyopic clip-on for the presbyopic glasses group.