The famous DJ as well as writer Liu Xuan has been haunted by eye problems since his childhood. He teams up with Change Eyewear to design the XLTt Collection of blue light filtering, functional fashion eyewear. It is based on his love toward family members, being picky about every detail and it mingles with a lot of fashion elements. A pair of eyewear has several functions such as blue light filtering, UV protection and anti-glare at the same time.

In 2016, a crowd-funding successfully financed the mass production of CHANGE x XLTt Collection and made the record of highest crowd-funding of eyewear project.

The top-class French Essilos blue light filtering lenses

The top-class French Essilos blue light filtering lenses are manufactured by the largest lens manufacturer in the world- Essilos. It has the following features:scratch-resistance, anti-smudge, water-repellent, and a patented technology of double-sided UV protection. In addition, through the A4 coating technology, it can effectively protect eyes against blue light and has the lowest color polarization performance on the market. It can make light softer and soothe uncomfortableness caused by eye strain when you are viewing computer or smartphone.

Safe Frame and Light-Weighted Temple

TR 90 Frame
This frame uses 100% original high class TR90 materials to manufacture. It also adopts non-transfer coloring techniques which keep the vividness of its color not easily discolored, is suited for sensitive face skin and can effectively prevent the damages caused by impact and done to eyes during exercises. Its weight is so light that you couldn’t believe it and it turns a new page of zero-pressure experience for nose bridge.

ULTEM Temple
This temple uses 100% the weightless and highly flexible fiber reinforced plastics- Ultem as its material, it can be easily adjusted to fit the curve of face shape to prevent the pressure on the ears caused by wearing for too long. Furthermore, it is hypo-allergenic, with features of excellent memory ability and elasticity. The impact and tear-resistant designs make you free from worrying its breakage and deliver comfort without efforts when wearing it.

Patented Integrated Molding Hidden Clip-On

Change Eyewear’s exclusive patented design of magnetism and brim press button of our patented integrated molding hidden clip-on makes it difficult to discern it is eyewear with clip-on from every angle. The latest patent of`anti-radiation curved brim'in 2016 precisely sticks clip-on and frame firmly together, which keeps lens from the interference of reflection completely when light beams from above. It makes your life easier by enjoying the convenience which a pair of CHANGE eyewear is intended for.

Yellow Polarized Clip-on

Yellow polarized lens provides high degrees of contrast and transmittance and enjoys a very clear vision in cloudy weather. It is also suited for night driving and indoor sports. It can filter glares caused by various factors such as diffusing and scattering and make surrounding objects look clear and not dazzling.

Polarized Clip-on

It is certified by Sunglass Inspection Lab of Electronics Testing Center, Taiwan as qualified and it has the anti-glare function with which only high- performance sun lens will be equipped. It can eliminate irregular distracting glares, reduce the reflection from water and glass, has the feature of anti-UV and is able to protect eye health thoroughly.

Mirror Coating Lenses Clip-on

Mirror coating lenses are coated with different colors and reflect the view in front of you like a mirror, which creates a unique urban style. These lenses are anti- UV400 and tested by Electronics Testing Center, Taiwan as qualified, genuinely have the function of UV protection and are suited for outdoor activities.

Xtra Light, Xtra Look. It goes well with everything.

Whether indoors or outdoors, it can provide you with thorough protection and create a stylish flavor most suitable for you. The newly released night driving yellow polarized lens can make your family road trip safer.

Xuan Style

The stylish vintage retro-faux wood Ultem temple, the matte black TR90 frame, the matte black highly adjustable rubber ear hook, and the medical grade silicone hypo-allergenic nose-pads, all make it very weightless and comfortable in all and strike a perfect balance between firmness and willfulness.

Liv Style

Amber in matte finish, delicate and tiny, this is a style of cute urban young lady. With the original TR90 material frame, the highly flexible Ultem temple and highly adjustable rubber ear hook, it does not release any chemical substance or have any chemical residue. It is hypo-allergenic, impact and tear-resistant and makes you feel safe, elegant and comfortable all the time.

Lucas Style

The vintage retro-faux wood Ultem temple going with the matte black frame, this is the style of handsome naughty child star. With the medical grade silicone hypo-allergenic nose-pads especially designed for child, it is very comfortable and extremely durable under impact and tear. Best suited for vigorous little boy and going extremely well with Xuan Style to form a perfect duet of parent-children style.

Cardin Style

A contemporary classic, with frame and temple in tortoiseshell color, creates a touch of fashion and elegance, and integrated nose-pads especially designed for Asian makes it difficult to fall and comfortable to wear. Wearing it independently will make you look intelligent and smart, pairing it up with clip-on will demonstrate a big star style. It goes well with every style.