TR90 Material

We have credentials as eyewear manufacturer for more than 30 years!

Each pair of Change Eyewear is manufactured in South Korea and its production mold and equipment are designed and developed by ourselves. Our factory is the first eyewear factory developing the TR-90(a kind of shape memory polymer)materials in South Korea, its history is more than 30 years and it has developed more than 2000 eyewear molds and many patented designs. We are also certified with ISO9001 and ISO1400 consecutively. We have invested in the improvement of production technique and material with no expense and effort spared. Our only goal is to reward our customers with a pair of eyewear of comfortability, safety as well as a touch of aesthetics.

Our solid credentials and huge investment in production have made the traceability of each pair of our eyewear impeccable. Taking eyewear frame paint for an example, its chromaticity, brightness and saturation make our product performance hugely enhanced thanks to our independently developed molds. Colorful, stable, not easily discolored and, above all, safe and free of chemical residues. All are intended for your comfort!

Hyper-endurability, good high temperature-resistance, good abrasion-resistance and good impact-resistance, are all designed for you to experience the highest level of safety and comfort.

TR-90 is a high-tech memory material developed by the Swiss chemical industrial group EMS, often used as expensive eyewear frame. It is described as a super flexible shape memory polymer in Chinese and nicknamed plastic titanium or memory plastic. The main features of TR-90 include hyper-endurability, good high temperature-resistance(it can stand the high temperature of 350°in a short space of time), good chemical resistance, good abrasion-resistance, good impact-resistance and good flexural bending strength. As a result, it can effectively prevent the damages caused by the breakage or abrasion of eyewear frame and done to eyes and face during exercises.

Besides, it can create a glamorous diversity of colors much better than ordinary plastic frame does. It does not release any chemical substance or have any chemical residue. It also meets the strict requirements for European food contact materials and can efficiently prevent allergy, thus suitable for sensitive face skin users.

Change Eyewear adopts 100% TR-90 materials for all products of our line-up to make our customers feel comfortable to use during exercise or sweating. Our frame is very flexible and resilient and will not create any pressure feeling in the head. In addition, it is ultra-light in weight which can reduce the burden on the nose. The non-coating coloring techniques it adopts will keep the vividness of its color not easily discolored, is suited for sensitive face skin and can effectively prevent the damages caused by impact and done to eyes during exercises. All in all, it can bring to you the experience of the highest level of safety and comfort.