Ultem Material

Our eyewear temple uses 100% the weightless and highly flexible fiber reinforced plastics- Ultem as its material and weighs only 3.3 grams. Its features of lightness, thinness, flexibility and colorfulness are fully demonstrated in CHANGE eyewear itself.

ULTEM is a product name of the plastic material -Polyetherimide(PEI)developed by the U.S. General Electric Co. Due to its features of excellent high temperature-resistance(can perform in continuous use to 170°C), flame-resistance, chemical-resistance, featherweight as well high stability, it is often dubbed`plastic steel'or`Ultem material'. It is certified safe for human body by FDA and meets the standards of environmental protection and eco-preservation, thus often used in the items of aerospace materials and medical materials.

Currently, the temple of most products of CHANGE’s line-up uses the`plastic steel'-ULTEM as its material which can give you the experience of high-tech featherweight simultaneously. The temple can be easily adjusted to fit the curves of face shape to prevent the pressure on the ears caused by wearing for too long. Furthermore, it is hypo-allergenic, with features of excellent memory ability and elasticity, and delivers comfort without efforts when wearing it.