Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing Change Eyewear is choosing an experience of warmth and reliability.

【 Scope of Warranty 】
All line-ups of Change Eyewear will enjoy one-year warranty. Upon the occasion of repair under warranty, you only need to bring the eyewear with original receipt or warranty back to the agent where you bought it and tell them what is the problem, then the agent can determine how to deal with it immediately. If the problem is not under warranty or evaluated as an exceptional condition by CHANGE’s technician, there will be an appropriate processing fee incurred.

Notice:Please keep your receipt or warranty intact and in a safe place. On the occasion of outside the city or region where you bought the product of CHANGE EYEWEAR when you require a repair under warranty, the agent may request you to produce the original receipt to determine whether the product is conforming within the applicable warranty period.

【 Not Under Warranty 】

  1.  An counterfeit of any brand not sold by CHANGE agents.
  2.  The blur and damage is caused by improper use or incorrect cleansing by human factors within the period of warranty.
  3.  The damage is caused by natural disasters or environmental factors, including but not limited to the inundation, corrosion, fall, crush of product by improper storage or exposure to the environment of abnormal temperature and humidity.
  4. Consumable and expendable items of a finished product, such as nose-pad, glasses tip cover and etc.


Q1. Where can I try the Change Eyewear and take a vision test to get my eyeglass prescription?

We have near 200 authorized agents all over Taiwan to provide professional prescription glasses service. Among them, our flagship store has the most complete lineup for customers to choose from.

Q2. What sets CHANGE clip-on eyewear apart from other clip-on eyewear on the market?

Change Eyewear is designed in Taiwan and manufactured in South Korea. We have the patents of integrated molding”hidden clip-on”and “anti-radiation curved brim”registered in Taiwan, Germany, China and Hongkong.

To achieve the highest degree of comfortability, stability and exquisiteness, the clip set and lenses are manufactured in separate moldings. Same as world class brands, our frame and lens materials are provided by major manufacturer in South Korea.
Most of the counterfeits on the market are made in China. As long as you put them on, they may cause light leakage, eyesight damage and become unstable when you do exercises such as jumping or running. Furthermore, their frame materials and lens quality are questionable, and there are only 2 or 3 types to choose from because the mold cost is too high for them to provide more choices.

Q3. Although Change Eyewear provides many styles, are there separate styles for men and women?

Basically, CHANGE’s Styles are all unisex, the only difference is their size. So, we don’t recommend adult to wear BABY CHANGE style. However, if you have a small face or high prescription strength, you may visit our agents to experience BABY CHANGE style because few people do fit wearing such style.

Q4. I found some your products marked with PLUS ( + ), what does it represent?

The mark PLUS ( + ) represents a style with nose-pads. Because we understand that, regarding styles or wearing habits, there are always customers with different preferences. So, we provide several types of frame with nose-pads for those customers to choose who usually prefer to wear this kind of frame.

Q5. What is the difference between XLTt eyewear and Change Eyewear?

XLTt are limited edition of products cobranded with writer Liu Xuan. This edition is equipped with Essilos blue light filtering lenses or Essilos clear lenses, and its colors, accessories and lenses are also different from regular Change Eyewear.

Q6. What is the age range suitable to wear BABY CHANGE style? Will children outgrow it very soon?

We have already taken this point into consideration when we designed BABY CHANGE. The material of BABY CHANGE’s temple is very flexible and the temple of most BABY CHANGE styles is made of memory fiber reinforced plastics which can be adjusted by yourself. In our wear test, ordinary Asian children from 3 to 10 years old can wear it very comfortably. So, it is not necessary to worry that our eyewear will become obsolete very quickly due to children’s head outgrowing it.

Q7. I feel the frame weightless and very comfortable when I wear it. But I don't need the clip-on for the moment. Can I buy the frame separately?

Certainly! CHANGE eyewear’s frame is made in South Korea and designed to suit Asian faces. It adopts the weightless and dent-resistance material. The frame of our lineup weighs only 9 grams or so. A lot of customers like our frame very much and hence buy it separately. We also encourage our customers to buy clip-on later on to protect their eyes if they find it is necessary to do so.

Q8. Can I buy the hidden clip-on separately?

Certainly! The official price of clip-on lenses is TWD.1490. Our lenses are manufactured by major international manufacturer, anti- UV400 and tested by Electronics Testing Center, Taiwan as qualified. There are lenses of different colors and functions available for each style. These lenses include polarized sun lenses, mirror coating sun lenses, gradient sun lenses, night driving lenses and Essilos blue light filtering lenses.

Q9. The agent I visited doesn't have the frame and clip-on I wanted. How should I do?

Don’t worry! You only need to contact our fan club homepage in private to describe the type and color you want, and we will ship the product to the nearest agent to you to experience wearing. Generally, it takes less than one week for shipping within Taiwan.

Q10. How does a customer purchase your products from abroad?

CHANGE has provided an e-commerce channel for customers all over the world to purchase. Please directly visit our online brand concept store Helis to go shopping.(

Q11. If I require repair service after I bought the eyewear, how should I do?

If the product needs repair service, you can bring it back to the agent where you bought it. If you are outside the city or region where you bought it currently, you can contact our fan club homepage in private and we will arrange the agent nearest to you to deal with it. Generally, it takes less than one week to complete the repair within Taiwan.

Q12. I have more questions to ask, where can I inquire?

No problem! You can directly contact our fan club homepage in private, and we will also continue to renew Q&A on our homepage. (Click here)