AN PLUS(MODEL C27 + Miss CHANGE Cat-Eye clip-on)


C27 Size (mm):
Lens W/H: 50 / 43
Bridge Width: 20
Temple Length: 125

Streamlined shape, moderate size, it can easily make up for shortcomings of various face shapes and vitalize the feeling of each facial expression. A legendary classic crosses over between urban style and fashion catwalk.

The collection of CHANGE C27 AN PLUS are integrated molding hidden clip-on eyewear which adopts patented designs of magnetism and brim press button and sticks clip-on and frame firmly together and seamless 360-degree. It is also equipped with medical grade silicone hypo-allergenic nose-pads. Its features of anti-slippery, permeability and free of pressure all contribute to making the nose feel more comfortable. Whether you are running, jumping, walking, taking exercises or participating in various outdoor activities, it will not be so easy to fall apart or break.

Cat-Eye clip-on

The attractive curve, the cute shape, CAT is the dominant factor of charm.

Walking silently and unnoticed, the cat suddenly become naughty just as you think it is well-behaved. Miss Change Cat-Eye clip-on will make you look charming congenitally. Is she a retro diva? A Rock’n’Roll singer? A magic dresser? A hermit writer? She is puzzling, mysterious, cunning as well as elusive.

A Variety of Safe Frames of Different Colors for Matching

Our eyewear frame uses 100% original high class TR90 materials from Switzerland to manufacture. The main features of TR90 include hyper-endurability, good high temperature-resistance, good chemical resistance, good abrasion-resistance and good impact-resistance. As a result, it can effectively prevent the damages caused by the breakage or abrasion of eyewear frame and done to eyes and face during exercises.

Comfortable Light-weighted Temple

This temple uses 100% the weightless and highly flexible fiber reinforced plastics- Ultem as its material, it can be easily adjusted to fit the curve of face shape to prevent the pressure on the ears caused by wearing for too long. Furthermore, it is hypo-allergenic, with features of excellent memory ability and elasticity. The impact and tear-resistant designs make you free from worrying its breakage and deliver comfort without efforts when wearing it.

Patented Integrated Molding Hidden Clip-On

The design of magnetism and brim press button of our patented integrated molding hidden clip-on make it difficult to discern it is eyewear with clip-on from every angle. And our latest patent of anti-radiation curved brim precisely sticks clip-on and frame firmly together, which keeps lens from the interference of reflection completely when light beams from above. It makes your life easier by enjoying the convenience which a pair of Change Eyewear is intended for.

Lovers Eyewear
Love is even sweeter as long as clip-on is interchangeable.

As long as loving each other, each and every day is Valentine’s Day.

Lovers not only can dress in couple outfits, wear paired rings but also can wear same style and paired eyewear. Love is even sweeter if their sunglass clip-ons are interchangeable.