C02 Size (mm):
Lens W/H: 60 / 44
Bridge Width: 18
Temple Length: 140

The simple, straightforward mini-square shape exhibits magnanimity and firmness, and the smoothly streamlined shape abounds with air of academian. If mirror coating lenses is put upon it, you will be turned into a fashion follower right away.

The collection of CHANGE C02 LU is integrated molding hidden clip-on eyewear which adopts patented designs of magnetism and brim press button and sticks clip-on and frame firmly together and seamless 360-degree. Whether you are running, jumping, walking, taking exercises or participating in various outdoor activities, it will not be so easy to fall apart or break.

Safe Frames

Our eyewear frame and temple uses 100% original high class TR90 materials from Switzerland to manufacture. The main features of TR90 include hyper-endurability, good high temperature-resistance, good chemical resistance, good abrasion-resistance and good impact-resistance. As a result, it can effectively prevent the damages caused by the breakage or abrasion of eyewear frame and done to eyes and face during exercises.

A Variety of Vivid Impressive Colors for Matching

During the process of manufacturing, by means of the transfer coloring techniques, the frame can create a glamorous diversity of colors which is difficult to strip or discolor and becomes sturdy and durable. It does not release any chemical substance or have any chemical residue. It also meets the strict requirements for European food contact materials and can efficiently prevent allergy, thus suitable for sensitive face skin users.

Patented Integrated Molding Hidden Clip-On

The design of magnetism and brim press button of our patented integrated molding hidden clip-on make it difficult to discern it is eyewear with clip-on from every angle. And our latest patent of anti-radiation curved brim precisely sticks clip-on and frame firmly together, which keeps lens from the interference of reflection completely when light beams from above. It makes your life easier by enjoying the convenience which a pair of Change Eyewear is intended for.


The functional lenses of hidden clip-on are conveniently interchangeable to adapt to different lights.
To protect your eyes in the situation of different sources of light, whether indoors or outdoors, day or night, we provide anti-UV polarized lenses, colorful mirror coating lenses, stylish gradient lenses, blue light filtering lenses and anti-glare night driving lenses for you to choose from at will.