S2603 Size (mm):
Lens W/H: 51 / 41
Bridge Width: 21
Temple Length: 130

Curves and arcs are perfectly balanced. Above the eyebrows, the frame bends just at the right angle. If we carefully measure the angle and size, the frame can be considered of exactly the right proportions. The nose pad section is increased, which will make your face look more three-dimensional. The temples are in German-made metal, which gives a refined, charming, and elegant touch to your face.

The collection of CHANGE S2603 CHAO PLUS are integrated molding hidden clip-on eyewear which adopts patented designs of magnetism and brim press button and sticks clip-on and frame firmly together and seamless 360-degree. It is also equipped with medical grade silicone hypo-allergenic nose-pads. Its features of anti-slippery, permeability and free of pressure all contribute to making the nose feel more comfortable. Whether you are running, jumping, walking, taking exercises or participating in various outdoor activities, it will not be so easy to fall apart or break.

Combined-Material Frame

Our eyewear frame uses stainless steel and 100% original high class TR90 materials from Switzerland to manufacture. The transfer color techniques it adopts keep the vividness of its color not easily discolored and the combined materials it uses display the multi-layered texture of our eyewear. Through the contemporary avant-garde designs of vintage retro elegance and norm-breaking, the eyewear displays a unique trendy flavor.

German thin steel, high quality Temple

The temples use German ultra-thin stainless steel, the color is bright and saturated, the workmanship is meticulous, light in weight, and thanks to its slim appearance it shows excellent elasticity, which perfectly fits the cheek contour. The weight of this model is equivalent to 3 pieces of A4 paper, allowing those who wear it feel a high degree of comfort.

Patented Integrated Molding Hidden Clip-On

The design of magnetism and brim press button of our patented integrated molding hidden clip-on make it difficult to discern it is eyewear with clip-on from every angle. And our latest patent of anti-radiation curved brim precisely sticks clip-on and frame firmly together, which keeps lens from the interference of reflection completely when light beams from above. It makes your life easier by enjoying the convenience which a pair of Change Eyewear is intended for.


The functional lenses of hidden clip-on are conveniently interchangeable to adapt to different lights.
To protect your eyes in the situation of different sources of light, whether indoors or outdoors, day or night, we provide anti-UV polarized lenses, colorful mirror coating lenses, stylish gradient lenses, blue light filtering lenses and anti-glare night driving lenses for you to choose from at will.